30 Amazing Free Google Tools 2020

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Google, you can rarely find anyone who does not know about it. If you don’t know about anything then you visit google. You want to travel to certain place, you use google map. You want to send email, you use gmail. You want to store documents or anything you use google drive. The list is endless. Google has solution for every problem. In today’s world google is like our companion. Here i am going to tell you about top tools available by google.

  1. Google Chrome: It is a type of web browser provided by google which is used to access websites. This is the fastest browser in today’s world. You also have lot of plugins available which can be integrated with your chrome browser. google_chrome
  2. Google Translate: If you encounter any word in foreign language and you are not aware of the meaning. You go to google translate. And the best part of it is you can translate the meaning without even knowing the language of it. google_translate
  3. Google Docs: This is the online version of documents, spreadsheets,presentations drawing and table which can also be shared to other users. Depending upon the requirement, you can give read or write access. google_translate
  4. Gmail: If you need to have email account, Gmail is for you. You have lot of facility provided by google which ease the use of email like filters ,tags and organize emails. google_gmail
  5. Google Drive: If you want to share any file online or store any file online, google drive is for you. You have 15 GB free space provided by google. If you require more space then you need to pay to google. google_drive
  6. YouTube: If you want to explore any video, YouTube is for you. All old, young, children, adult everyone is using it these days. youtube
  7. Google Map: If you are not sure about the direction of a place to visit then you need to use google map. Just type source and destination address, you will get to know the direction, time to be taken, distance as well as best route to follow.google_maps
  8. Google Play store : This is a place where you get all types of Android apps if it is freely available or paid.google_playstore
  9. Blogger: If you want to start a blog, blogger is for you. blogger
  10. Google Adsense : have you ever wonder there are ads placed in various websites. Google ad-sense in one of the way to put those ads on various websites. You can earn a good amount by using google ad-sense. google_adsense
  11. Google Cloud: Cloud computing is very common these days. Google Cloud is a cloud platform provided by google which helps you host your website. Google provide free hosting and few of its services for 1 year. Post that it has some charges applied. google_cloud
  12. Google Analytics: It helps a user to learn more about your audience, including their location and language. It also tells what kind of user visiting your website as well customer interactions. It also tells about the technology customer is using like operating system, mobile type, location of the user visiting your website . google_analytics
  13. Google Trends: This is one of the very new tool of google and tells us about the trending topics in internet. google_trends
  14. Google Alerts: If you want to get regular updates on latest news or on particular thing then you use google alert where you enter the search query. Google alert will send you regular updates.google_alerts
  15. Google Books: If you love reading books then google books is the one where you can get both paid as well as free books. google_books
  16. Google Calendar: You can keep your daily schedule up to date using google calendar. You can even set reminder. google_calender
  17. Google Gadgets: Gadgets are organized in categories including news, tools, communication, games, finance, sports, lifestyle, technology, and politics.google_gadgets
  18. Google Insights: It helps to search keywords to see their trends over time. This way you can see the popularity of the keyword you are using. google_insights
  19. Google Places : You get your local business listed in google place. This way you promote your business. google_place
  20. Google Voice: This is an alternative for your phone. You can create a number using this as well read messages in an interface similar to gmail. google_voice
  21. Google Webmaster Tools: this is tool which helps to get website performance in search results. It also gives information about the pages which google is unable to crawl. Basically helps to know how to improve website visibility.google_webmaster
  22. Keyword Planner: It helps to do keyword research for your blog as well as well keyword research for google ads. google_keywordplanner
  23. Google Photos: This is a service provided by google for photo storage as well as sharing. It is very commonly used in your android or ios mobile phones. You also have option to enhance your photos. google_photos
  24. Google Scholar: It is a service which indexes text for scholarly articles through out the world. You can freely search scholarly articles. Kindly note these articles have copyright. But you free accessibility.google_scholor
  25. Google Fonts: Its a library or collection of 960 free licensed fonts. You can download those fonts and use it in your web applications via CSS.google_fonts
  26. Google Images: This is a service which helps to search the result based on the image you upload. google)_image
  27. Google News: You can get latest news from 20 or more different languages. google_news
  28. Google Finance: It includes company specific pages related to finance. It also includes specific finance related pages, interactive charts , groups as well as portfolios of companies. google_finance
  29. Google Groups: This is an awesome service provided by google where you can get added to groups based on your common interest and have a discussion. google_groups
  30. Google Shopping: It helps users to search for products on online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors. google_shopping

These are top 30 tools which i would recommend to use. But the list not ended here. You can get further details in Wikipedia page.

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