Facts about Table Tennis

Facts of Table Tennis
Facts of Table Tennis

Some of Popular Names of Table Tennis

  1. Ping Pong or Gossima
  2. Table Tennis
  3. Whiff Waff
  4. Parlor Tennis
  5. Indoor Tennis
  6. Pom-Pom
  7. Pim-Pam
  8. Royal Game

Equipment used in Table Tennis

  1. Table Tennis Racket: It is made up of two distinct parts – a wooden blade which incorporates the handle and table tennis rubbers. These are affixed to each side of the blade using special table tennis glue. Most of the rackets are about 15 cm(6 inch) across and 25 cm(10 inches) long including the handle.
  2. Table: It is 2.74 m (9 ft) long , 1.525 m (5 ft) wide and 76 cm (30 inch) high with a Masonite (a type of hardboard) or similarly manufactured timber, layered with a smooth, low-friction coating. The table or playing surface is divided into two halves by a 15.25 cm (6 inch) high net. An ITTF approved table surface must be in a green or blue color.
  3. Balls: The international rules specify that the game is played with a light 2.7 gram, 40 mm diameter ball. The rules say that the ball shall bounce up 24–26 cm when dropped from a height of 30.5 cm on to a standard steel block thereby having a coefficient of restitution of 0.89 to 0.92. The 40 mm ball was introduced after the 2000 Olympic Games. In 2014 table tennis balls was changed from celluloid to plastic.

There are different way to hold a table tennis racket while playing. We call it grip

  1. Pen Hold: It is named as Pen Hold because one grips the racket similarly to the way one holds a writing instrument. The style of play among penhold players can vary greatly from player to player. The most popular style, usually referred to as the Chinese penhold style, involves curling the middle, ring, and fourth finger on the back of the blade with the three fingers always remain touching one another.
  2. Shake Hand: It is also known as shake hand grip. It is sometimes referred to as the “tennis grip” or the “Western grip,” although it has no correlation to the Western grip used in tennis. The shakehand grip is traditionally popular among players originating in Western nations and South Asian nations.
  3. Unusual Grips: There are other grips as well but not very popular. Some of them are V-grip and Seemiller grip.

Some of Popular Table Tennis Brands

  1. Butterfly
  2. Tibhar
  3. Andro
  4. Stag
  5. Stiga
  6. DHS
  7. Joola
  8. Nittaku
  9. Donic
  10. Yasaka
  11. Sunwei
  12. Gewo
  13. Cornilleau
  14. Xiom
  15. Victas

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